Kathryn Mora

Kathryn Mora was born in Los Angeles and has lived throughout California and on the East Coast, too.  She recently returned to Los Angeles from Boston. As a filmmaker and a freelance journalist/writer, Kathryn has published in-depth feature stories on a variety of subjects that include Nollywood, the African film industry, multicultural children’s publishers, the maiden flight of a 1934 experimental bi-plane, writers of asylum, natural childbirth and more. Kathryn earned her B.A. from California State University, Northridge in Journalism with an English minor and was presented with the 1994 Society of Professional Journalist Most Outstanding Senior Award. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists Greater Los Angeles Chapter and an SPJ Associate Board of Directors member. To add another dimension to her journalism, Kathryn studied filmmaking at the Center For Digital Imaging Arts in the Boston area and made her first documentary film called BIRTH about natural childbirth. She is also a member of the International Documentary Association.  Currently she is working on her childhood memoir, a screenplay, and plans to make a documentary film series about natural childbirth. Spreading the word about natural childbirth is one of her passions. Kathryn performed and taught stand-up comedy, created her clown character, Katrina and also comedic characters that include, Dr. Gwendolyn Baumgartner, a virginal psychologist,  a relationship specialist. However, she never had a romantic relationship or any kind. Kathryn is studying voiceover and a member of SAG-AFTRA. In another life Kathryn lived on 80 acres in Trinity County, near the Oregon Border with David and her two sons. She was a certified childbirth educator and labor coach (doula) and as mentioned, is an avid activist for natural childbirth.


Experience: Ghostwriting, Creative Non-Fiction, Slice-of-Life, Feature Stories for Magazine and Newspapers, Screenplays, Comedy


Documentaries, Informational Videos, and Film Shorts



Variety of Subjects Include: Natural Childbirth, Health,  Relationships, Women and Aging, Environment , Education and Children

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